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Operations Manager Interview Questions

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Operations Manager Interview Questions

I received an email today from a reader named Anura, thank you for your query regarding Operations Manager’s interviews. I recently interviewed candidates for an Operations Manager Position within my organisation and I used the following notes to assist me.

Remember; when you are conducting an interview, always prepare some notes or questions that are important to you and the organisation. It makes it fair for the candidates and ensures that you will not miss any important questions.

·       Firstly, Explain company structure, culture, regions, services

  • Give an overview of current operational duties of the Company including staff under your responsibility.
  • Why do you wish to leave your current organisation?
  • Can you undertake contract review meetings with clients ensuring that all reporting methodologies and reports and contract renewals are discussed?
·         Assignment instructions/ Risk assessment methodology
·         Significant achievements and innovations
·         How would your colleagues describe you?
·         Financial awareness GP analysis experience
·         Steps taken during mobilisation of new contracts. 
·         Links with police or trade organisations.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of appropriate policies and procedures
·         Participation in recruitment, selection and interviewing of staff
·         Experience of promotional and marketing activities.

·         Experience of effectively managing complaints, disciplinary issues and investigations
  • Operations Managers must be able to effectively use I.T equipment issued to produce site documentation and access time management system to ensure that shifts are covered one month in advance as a minimum and also to address any unassigned duties on the system
·         Reduce absenteeism and ensure that all employee’s take their allocated holiday whilst booking leave as early as possible in the financial year. Checking to confirm that employees are returning to work on agreed dates.
·         What are your objectives? Have you been able to meet your short term goals?
·         How can you contribute to this company? How do we know you are the right person for this position?
  • What do you know about us? / What can you say about us?
·         Are you proficient with the latest software applications used for operations management?
·         How big was the largest team you have worked with? What difficulties did you face with such a large group in terms of work/ project?
·         Notice period

Always remember to thank the candidate for their time and give them an opportunity to ask you questions.

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For further information on this subject I would highly recommend reading Effective Security Management

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